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Change is terrible. Because of them, most families and couples break up. Sometimes it is completely impossible to understand why this happens. However, a new study has established a certain pattern when it can be traced that a woman is not devoted to her man.

The content of the article

An interesting study and its result

According to a study conducted by Victoria Milan on a dating site where married people are looking for love on the side, it was found that there is a certain age at which women are most likely to cheat. As it turned out, it was not difficult to determine.

In the course of simple manipulations, it was found that the average age when women get married is 29 years. After that, Victoria determined the age when the spark of fidelity and passion begins to fade inexorably – 36.6 years.

In the course of simple calculations, it can be determined that six or seven years after the wedding, the index of marital fidelity tends to decline. It really makes sense, given the age-old phrase: “The seven-year itch.” Marilyn Monroe even made a movie about it. Perhaps this is not devoid of a logical explanation.

Why exactly 7 years?

Let’s see why a specific figure appears here – 7 years? Why do many marriages decline after seven years of seemingly happy family life? Is this the time for which a woman finally bothers her husband? Perhaps he has lost interest in her? She loses attraction to her husband due to the lack of proper attention to her? May be.

“Perhaps the husband is cooling off towards the woman, not showing his love and respect. Naturally, what is missing in marriage, a woman will look for on the side. It is possible that there is still love between the partners, but the spark has disappeared forever.

On the other hand, a couple may have a close emotional connection but not a physical one at all. In most cases, this pushes for treason and infidelity, ”says Victoria.

An alternative point of view on the root cause of change

There is another study with slightly different results. The site conducted it in order to find out the most likely “traitorous” age. The results showed that people are prone to cheating when their age ends in the number 9. That is, 29, 39.49, and so on.

No wonder this figure was chosen. Obviously, 49 sounds as tragic as 50. Thus, people are trying to survive / deceive the aging crisis by deciding on love on the side.

From all this information, we can draw two reasons why love affairs with other people happen. The first is that she has been tired of you for seven years, she wants diversity, former passion and sensual relationships.

The second reason is the entry into a new decade, which cannot but make me sad. This is a kind of crisis of the decade, with which everyone is struggling with their own methods. Cheating is a common method of getting out of this depressed state.

What to do?

Do not take the squeeze from scientific research at face value. Even in science there are often inconsistencies with reality. Moreover, it is important to take into account the individual characteristics of a person. The article is not intended to develop paranoid tendencies in you. Quite the opposite.

You have to accept one fact. If a woman has become your wife, this does not mean that all the hard work is over. Relationships, including family ones, require constant work on them. If they do not add up in the best way, it is time to refresh them, add romance, passion.

Become who you once were: give her flowers, tell her how beautiful she looks, arrange a romantic candlelight dinner. Undeniably, it is difficult to maintain this on a permanent basis, but rest assured that it is worth it.

What pushes a woman to cheat? | Yaroslav Samoilov

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