15+ Sad Words for your Ex

15+ Sad Words for your Ex to Treat Your Broken Heart. Breaking up is a very sad thing, but being stuck in sadness is not a good thing. Because it is better to express your feelings to the ex. One way is through words, either directly or indirectly. Some examples of words for this ex might represent your feelings of sadness.

Breakups will always be followed by feelings of sadness and heartbreak. So it’s natural that people usually shut themselves up, cry, or maybe keep themselves busy after breaking up in order to get distracted. In order to quickly move on, expressing sadness in words for your ex can also be done.

Some sad words for this ex might be the inspiration for your post. Also read the meaning so you know which one is more suitable to describe your feelings.

Words for the Most Beautiful Ex

15+ Sad Words for your Ex to Treat Your Broken Heart.
15+ Sad Words for your Ex to Treat Your Broken Heart.


1. Untreated Longing

I miss you more than the sun longs for the sky at night. Taylor Swift

Not all exes who leave have bad memories. Even though when you break up, your heart will definitely feel broken, but other good memories are not necessarily broken. Some of you may have exes like this.

Through sad words for this ex, Taylor Swift expressed her insurmountable longing because she was no longer together. Like the sun that longs for the night, it is impossible to meet because they are at different times.

2. You Know You Lost Himself

I feel the loss of him. Like toothless teeth in the morning, you can feel them without having to run to the mirror to see. James Dashner

The longing for your ex who has been together for a long time is not easily lost from the heart. Unlike things that can be thrown away, memories stick in the mind for a long time. So naturally, if you still feel sad and longing to come suddenly.

In these sad words, the writer of The Maze Runner likens the feeling of longing for an ex to a toothless tooth. You can feel it even though you can’t see the longing form.

3. Resentment for Missing

I have to admit even though it feels annoying. The world without you by my side is becoming too lonely. Lemony Snicket

Missing your ex is a natural thing, especially if he was someone who always accompanied you wherever you went. Losing her automatically costs you a friend who is always there.

According to Lemony Snicket’s sad words, missing you can make you feel bad. Annoyed because they couldn’t meet, couldn’t make jokes together, and couldn’t make out with her anymore.

4. Haunted by the Shadows of the Former

It’s very strange, when you haven’t talked to someone in a long time but still think about it a lot. Anurag Prakash Ray

Not everyone is able to stay in touch with their ex after they break up. In fact, many people are completely cut off after years of separation. But, not meeting did not mean not thinking about it.

These sad words are suitable to describe your situation that has moved on but still often thinks of your dear ex. So instead of just being quiet, it’s better to express your feelings. Either in person or via social media.

5. The Remnant of Love

Death leaves pain in the heart that cannot be healed. Love leaves unforgettable memories. Richard Puz

Being abandoned by someone valuable is never a pleasant thing. According to Richard Puz, there are two causes of loss that will make it difficult for you to move on, death and breakup.

For those of you who have just experienced a breakup, you should express sadness for your ex with these sad words. Let her know that breaking up with him is sad like being left dead.

Words of Sarcasm for the Former Traitor

15+ Sad Words for your Ex to Treat Your Broken Heart.
15+ Sad Words for your Ex to Treat Your Broken Heart.


1. The Destruction of Both of Us

You didn’t just lie to me but you lied to us. You’re not only having an affair but you’re ruining our future. Steve Maraboli

For some people, cheating is the most serious problem in a relationship. Because, infidelity injures the trust given by the partner. Shattered trust is very difficult to heal, even though making up is difficult to be harmonious like before. Because of that, it’s better to just split up.

If you are the victim of an affair, express your sorrow in words for this former traitor. Let him regret having an affair. Maybe that way, it will make it easier for you to move on.

2. Don’t Want to Be Second

Never make someone a priority while you are an option. Mark Twain

When you love someone, make them a priority in your life. So you will do and give the best for him. But, make sure that he also does the same.

If he doesn’t do the same thing, it’s better to just leave it, especially if he’s cheating. According to these sad words for the ex from Mark Twain, people like that should not be a priority because for him you are easily replaced.

3. Missing boyfriend, lost friend

My heart breaks not only because of the people I love, but also because of the people I consider to be true friends. Danka V

The ideal boyfriend can be a protector, sibling, and confidant. That’s why when you find him cheating, your heart may feel like it’s hammered into a crack. As illustrated by sad words for this ex.

That phrase may be true, because at the same time as losing your boyfriend, you are also losing friends. So in an instant there are no more people who will listen to the words, joke together, and accompany you anywhere.

4. Cheating is not a natural disaster

The earthquake happened without being planned. The tornado happened without being planned. But your tongue in another woman’s mouth couldn’t possibly be unplanned! Gemma Haliday

Being cheated on by your boyfriend is really annoying. Especially if you catch him when he is making out with other people. Anger, sadness, and disappointment , immediately felt instantly.

Instead, express your sadness and anger and cut ties with that person. If that doesn’t heal the sadness enough, scold your ex with words about this affair. Who knows, that way you can be satisfied and move on faster.

5. Let Him/her Loss

You lost a valuable part of your life for the love of one night. You’re ridiculous. Santino Hassel

There is no need to spend energy showing feelings of sadness and resentment over being betrayed by your partner. Better just let him go and move on to find new people who deserve it.

These words about your ex might be appropriate for you to say goodbye to him. So when he starts to get bored with his one-night love, he will realize that he has done the biggest foolishness of his life.

Sad Words to Ex So He Regret


1. Broken Heart Is Not A Problem

I’d rather fall in love and be broken hearted a thousand times. Instead of having to hold an empty heart forever. HC Paye

It is normal to fall in love and heartbreak in a romantic relationship. It’s rare for people to fall in love only once and then find their soul mate. Therefore, if you have just broken your heart, don’t be sad for too long or even shut yourself off and don’t want to find a replacement.

The words of sadness for the former writer from the United States explain this. To her, a broken heart is better than being sad and not wanting to fall in love again. Because, the feeling of being happy when you finally meet your soul mate can treat all of your hurt feelings.

2. Blame Yourself

One day you will remember me and how much I love. Then you’ll curse yourself for letting me go. Aubrey Drake Graham

Regret always comes late and when it comes there is nothing more to do. This quote from the Canadian rapper might just emphasize how stupid the person who has been wasting you.

Instead of constantly feeling sad and upset by yourself, say this to your ex and then ditch all contact and forget about him or her. Try to be sincere and find someone better, so you won’t end up regretting it.

3. Yourself is More Valuable

It takes a heartbreak to wake up and realize that we are far more valuable than the people we choose. Sara Teasdale

Every human being can choose a partner and fall in love with the wrong person, including you. Unfortunately, when in love, all senses and logic seem to malfunction. This makes you unable to see the rottenness of your partner, even to love him wholeheartedly.

For those of you who just broke up, meditate on the sad words for this ex. Because when your heart is broken, all your partner’s badness can be remembered clearly. So you can evaluate whether that person deserves to be loved or not. If not, just leave.

4. Do not want to waste time

When it comes to love and loss, sincerity is never easy. We can’t make other people see the sacrifice to win her over. All you can do is let it go and stop wasting time. April Mae Monterrosa

Everyone has a different reaction when they break up. Some were immediately sad, traumatized dating, apologized, sincere, and asked for something back. For those of you who invite feedback, are you sure about that decision?

Getting back with your ex isn’t easy because you have to win her over again, but to be sincere and move on is more difficult. Even if it’s more difficult, it’s better to be sincere and let your ex go so you don’t waste time.

5. Heartache Yes, do not suffer

Heartache is inevitable but suffering is optional. M. Kathleen Casey

Whatever the reason, being dumped by your lover will hurt you. I was so sick that many people were depressed and stressed because they were sad. Some people even begged their exes to come back by showing how miserable they were.

According to a quote by Kathleen Casey, you better be sincere and sad as necessary. Because excessive sadness is a bad choice, especially if it comes to begging for compassion from your ex.

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Dispose of the Ex in its Place and Quickly Move On

Those are some sad words to say for your ex who has left you. Hopefully after reading it, you can express your heartbreak more freely and move on more quickly.

After all, there is a saying that says, “Throw your ex in its place.” The point is not to care about the person who dumped you. No matter how good your memories are, in fact he makes you feel the bitterness of a broken heart.

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