25 funny Instagram captions make your followers laugh

25 funny Instagram captions make your followers laugh it will Amuse your Followers. Some people are willing to spend a lot of time adjusting their Instagram display to make it look beautifulIn addition to uploading good photos, usually, people also pin Instagram (Ig) captions that are funny and tickling so they can make laughs and attract the attention of followers. The goal is none other than to get lots of likes.

In this digital era, competition does not only occur in real life but also cyberspace. People have flocked to upload aesthetic photos with captions as interesting as possible on Instagram or commonly abbreviated as Ig. If you are interested in decorating Instagram with funny captions that make you laugh, you can see some examples in this article.

No need to linger any longer, for those of you who are increasingly curious about examples of quotes that can be used as funny captions on Instagram and can make followers laugh, just take a look at the article below! Happy reading!

Funny Instagram Captions Make Lies about Love

25 funny Instagram captions make your followers laugh
25 funny Instagram captions make your followers laugh

1. It was raining

The rain is falling, not falling. The one who fell was me, in your heart.

Expressing feelings of love to someone can be in various ways. Some will tell directly when they meet, some will express their feelings through Instagram captions that are cute but romantic.

If you prefer to express your feelings in which way? For those who want to say love through a caption, the quote above can be used as a reference. Don’t forget to tag the name of the person you like, so that he knows that the status was created for him.

2. Too cute

How many spoonfuls of sugar can you smile? Very sweet

In this world, everyone must have made a cup of sweet drinks, it could be tea, coffee, milk, and so on. The more sugar you add, the sweeter the drink will be. That is right?

Apparently, adding sugar to a drink to make it sweet can be used as a funny rag caption for your boyfriend or someone you admire. One example is the quote above. It is guaranteed that someone you praise through this caption will blush when reading it.

3. Comfortable a little dear

Hot a little complaining. Rain a little complaining. A little comfortable, dear. Andhiyat

If you are an active Twitter user, you may be familiar with a celebrity named Andhiyat. He often makes statuses on Twitter relating to things that are happening on this earth.

One of the statuses on his Twitter that has been getting likes and retweets of many people is the quote above. This illustrates how easy it is for humans to feel affection for someone. Do you agree? Make this quote a funny Ig caption that can make your followers laugh.

4. Will Not Disappear

Banana compote tofu sumedang. Even though the distance stretches my love will not disappear.

Are you in a long-distance relationship? If so, this quote can represent your feelings. That, even though you are in a long-distance relationship, your feelings for him will never go away.

Make funny words about love as a caption in your Ig that might make your boyfriend laugh at the same time touchedHopefully, by expressing it, your relationship will be more harmonious.

5. Apart from staying up late

Besides staying up late, I also like you.

Normally, people would start going to bed at 9 in the evening. So when you wake up in the morning, with enough sleep, your body feels refreshed. However, for some reason, many people choose to stay up late.

Whether it’s for completing tasks from the office, just watching movies, playing games, and so on. For those of you who like to stay up late, it looks like you can make the quote above a funny caption for your Ig. Not only funny but also romantic captions.

Short and funny Instagram captions make you laugh


1. Kind of Monkey

Don’t get used to depending on other people. Moreover, hanging on a tree while eating bananas.

It is true that humans are social creatures, so they must help each other. However, it would be better if you do not depend too much on other people. Because not always someone willing to sincerely help you.

Do you agree that we should not be too dependent on other people? If so, funny words that make you laugh are suitable for you as a caption on Instagram. The goal is that other people also realize that relying too much on others is not good.

2. Have no money

Luckily I was poor, was at a loss to buy drugs, just buying quotas was sometimes difficult.

A person with money will find it easier to buy the things he wants, even if it is illegal goods such as drugs. No wonder so many meaningful artists take drugs.

For those who have mediocre money tend to be poor, you should be grateful. Because this situation makes you unable to buy illegal drugs. For that, make these short funny words of wisdom as your Ig caption.

3. Movie Duration

The film  Two Blue Lines is  not so long in duration. Because, the old one ticked your two blue chats. Budi Prasetiyo

In mid-2019, there is a family film that has a high enough rating, namely  Two Blue Lines. The 113-minute film was directed by Gina S. Noer. Apparently,  Two Blue Lines can also be used as an insinuation for people who often ignore your WhatsApp chat.

When someone has read your chat, two blue ticks will appear. If in case the chat sign is blue but the person doesn’t reply, it could be that you have been ignored by him. Annoyed that it happened to you? Satire him through the funny caption of Ig from Budi Prasetiyo.

4. Stay in the mirror

So you are delicious, huh. If you want to see the devil, you just have to look in the mirror.

What do you often do with friends? Apart from hanging out and chatting, you may often bully your friends. Sometimes, they are the ones who make fun of you.

Yes, it seems that friendship is sometimes peppered with insults that are not serious or just joking. Every now and then, making fun of your friends through IG captions that are funny and simple is fine, you know. For example, using the quote above.

5. Memorize Songs

Every day watching the film doom on television. Instead of repenting, he even memorized Opick’s song.

“When the time has called a true friend it is only charity. When the time has stopped, true friends stay lonely. ”If your auto sings the lyrics, you could be a fan of Opick. Or, you could just watch the doom movies that are often shown on television.

The reason is, the song titled  When Time Has Ended is often used as a soundtrack for films or soap operas that tell about punishment. Have you also memorized Opick’s song from watching the film doom? Make the quote above as a funny caption on your Instagram, yes!

Funny Instagram captions make you laugh about broken hearts

25 funny Instagram captions make your followers laugh
25 funny Instagram captions make your followers laugh


1. Without Feelings

You can write ‘hahaha’ chat without laughing. That means he can write ‘I love you’ without feeling.

When chatting with friends via personal or group chat, you will sometimes send the word “hahaha” or maybe “hehehe”. This is a sign that you are laughing, when in fact you may not actually be laughing.

Likewise, if someone sends you the chat “I love you”, it could be that he just wrote it in the chat, without any real feelings of love. Have you experienced it? Make the funny words above, create a status on Facebook or a caption on your Instagram.

2. Unfulfilled Promises

What do you mean adding a promise? The ones yesterday have not been fulfilled.

Have you ever been swallowed up by someone’s promises? For example, about matters of love, he promised to always be loyal, in fact, it was even ambiguous. After that, he promised not to repeat it, but in the end, he lied.

It goes on like that until you finally stop believing the words. Have you ever experienced that? It looks like the quote above will represent your feelings. Make it a funny caption on your Instagram, maybe he feels offended.

3. You are both sick

Toothache and heartache start from the same thing, namely from something sweet.

Bang Meggy Z said a toothache is better than heartache. Even though the two pains are both uncomfortable. Moreover, toothache, you just eat sometimes you have no appetite, sleep poorly, work is not focused. Although heartache and tooth cannot be compared because they are both painful, at least the two tastes have something in common, namely caused by something sweet

Usually, when you eat too much sweet food, people get a toothache. So can hurt feelings, which can be caused by sweet but fake promises from someone. Have you experienced it? Make these meaningful funny words as a caption on your Ig as motivation for people not to trust someone’s sweet words too much.

4. Forgot password

Want to open your heart but forget the password.

When you want to log in to your social media, banking, e-mail accounts, and so on, you will usually be asked to enter the password or password that you set when registering your account. If, for example, you forget it, there are various ways to recover your password. The purpose of the password itself is to secure your account from the hands of ignorant people.

When you’ve ever felt a broken heart, you may also feel like giving your heart a password so that not all can enter it. However, over time locking your heart, you may become too comfortable alone and forget the password to open your heart. Have you ever experienced that? Make these funny quotes to make laughs as a caption on your Instagram.

5. Get richer

Let us pause for a moment for the boys who died during PDKT because their crush was taken by a richer guy. Raditya Dika

You must have heard the story of a woman who left her boyfriend for a richer man. This is certainly very hurtful and lowers a man’s self-esteem.

If you find that you have experienced the same love story, take it easy, you are not alone. It seems that there are many men who experience the same thing, so Raditya Dika issued a funny quote like the one above. For those who experience the same thing, don’t hesitate to make this quote a funny caption in your Ig.

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Funny Instagram captions make you laugh


1. Soto flavored noodle soup

Other people, when it rains, remember their memories. I, when it rains, remember the instant noodles in soup flavor with chilies and eggs. Adinda Putri

When it rains, I don’t know how many people associate it with memories. He said when it rains there is an unstoppable feeling of sadness that represents the wounds of the past. But not many people know for sure why upset often attacks when it rains.

On the other hand, there are also many people who, when it rains, don’t remember memories, but remember the food. Usually what you want is not far from food with soup, such as meatballs, noodle soup, chicken noodles, and others. You think so too? If so, this quote from Adinda Putri can be used as a funny caption on your Ig.

2. Memories are not clothespins

People these days are weird, huh. When it rains, what you remember is not the clothesline.

Still related to rain, in this digital era, many young people update their status on social media about their troubles. When it rains, they put on status as if they were upset because they remembered painful memories.

In fact, apart from memories, there are more important things to remember when it rains, namely drying. It’s really sad, right, if the clothes are pouring in rain. Therefore, make this quote a funny caption on your Instagram, guaranteed to make people who read it laugh.

3. Photosynthesis

I hate it when I have a day off early in the morning, mom says, ‘It’s morning, the sun has risen, wake up!’ What should I do? Photosynthesis?

During holidays, some people will prefer to wake up late. You see, at night, people would usually stay up late. So, maybe getting up early is really hard to do.

Unfortunately, efforts to be able to wake up at noon may fail due to the mother’s scolding. Even if you have nothing to do in the morning, without pity, he will wake you up when the sun has risen. If you experience something similar, this quote will represent your feelings.

4. Taking care of other people’s lives

In Indonesia, it is difficult to manage ID cards, family cards, permits and certificates. The easy thing is just taking care of other people’s lives when they are not asked.

When applying for an ID card, license, driver’s license, or family card, it usually takes a long time. In many regions, making a KTP can actually take weeks. To the point, there are some people who might think that everything dealing with that state institution will be troublesome.

However, in this world, not everything can be done easily, except for one thing. Want to know what it is? Especially if it’s not taking care of other people’s business. Agree? Make the quote above a funny caption on your Instagram.

5. Angry Bird

Life is sometimes like Angry Bird, if that fails, there are pigs who laugh.

You may be familiar with the game Angry Bird, or maybe you often play it. There are many types of Angry Bird games, but the point is to fight the green pigs who are the enemies of the birds in this game.

If you lose, the green pigs will laugh at you. It turns out to be analogous to human life, where when we fail, there are people who will laugh at our failures. For those who have experienced it, make the above quote a joke in a funny and interesting caption for your Instagram.

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Hilarious Instagram Caption


1. Willing to be Abandoned

Rengginang: Willing to be left with a million memories.

Rengginang is a snack made from sticky rice which is shaped into a round shape and then dried and fried. There are various colors, some are pink, white, black, and others. Usually, the taste of regaining is savory or sweet.

Apart from food, regaining can mean different things to netizens, namely an abbreviation like the quote above. If you are someone who is willing to be left by someone, this quote is suitable for you to make a funny short but funny caption on your social media.

2. Always Love

Sunbathe while reading a magazine. Accompanied by a nostalgic song. It doesn’t matter how old you are. The important thing is I always love

Are you currently in a love relationship? So that your relationship is more harmonious, every now and then, you can send a romantic quote to him. If you are confused about arranging words, the above quote can be used as a reference.

Quotes that rhyme like funny rhymes about love is suitable for you to make as captions on your Instagram. Don’t forget to tag your boyfriend’s Instagram account, so he knows that the caption is for him.

3. Issue Blasphemies

Normal people breathe in oxygen releasing carbon dioxide. If netizens breathe oxygen, they are blasphemous.

On social media, many netizens often make negative comments at will, without thinking about the feelings of the person being commented on. No matter what someone post, there always seems to be an opening for netizens to blaspheme.

Until finally, there were many funny memes in cyberspace depicting how cruel netizens were. Do you also agree that netizens often blaspheme? If so, it looks like you can make funnies to make funny captions on your Instagram.

4. Offering Food

I don’t like it, yes, when you eat and you pretend to offer food, you even want to.

When at work, college, school, or any other place, sometimes you bring food with you. Of course, when you meet with colleagues, you will offer the food that you bring.

Sometimes, there are some people who casually take your food as much as possible, until there is nothing left. It must be annoyed, right, if you experience something like that. So, so that your friends are self-aware, use the funny words above to update your status on your social media.

5. Feel the Ease of Laying Down

Sometimes I wonder at people who are so diligent about going everywhere. He does not know what, if you lie down, lazy, laying down is really good.

When already working, some people may often spend time off to rest at home. However, there are also some people who like to spend time off to play or have a trip to a place.

How about you? Are you also one of those people who like to spend time just resting at home so that energy doesn’t drain too much? If so, the quote above is suitable as a funny caption on your Ig.

Which Instagram caption do you think is the funniest and can make you laugh?

Those are 25 funny quotes that are suitable for you to make as a caption on your Instagram. From the examples above, which one do you think is the funniest? Hopefully, there are some quotes that you will like, yes.

Choose a funny caption if it matches the photo you are going to upload on your Instagram. That way, at least, funny captions on your Instagram can make your followers laugh.

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