Funny Crap Words To Express Your Feelings

20 Funny Crap Words To Express Your Feelings, Express your feelings through funny words that make you laugh. Expressing love through the sentence “I love you” or “I love you” is not a problem, but it is too mainstream. There are many other ways you can express your feelings. For example, through funny rags to make laughs in this article.

Imagine how happy you would be if you could make your lover smile with sweet silliness. It seems, your love relationship and he will be more harmonious and far from feeling bored. If you haven’t made a date or are still on a crush, the quotes in this article might help you get his heart.

Unfortunately, stringing ordinary words into a cute, romantic seduction is not an easy matter. If you have trouble, don’t worry. Because, in this article, we have presented some funny crap words to express your feelings. You are free to choose which quote that best describes your heart’s content. Happy reading!

Funny Crap Words Make it Crack for a Crash

Funny Crap Words To Express Your Feelings
Funny Crap Words To Express Your Feelings


1. Like Diarrhea

Miss you, it’s like diarrhea. Can’t hold it.

When you eat one wrong, usually your stomach will experience problems, such as diarrhea. Apart from stomach aches, diarrhea will cause you to go back and forth to the bathroom because there is an unbearable feeling of needing to have a bowel movement.

Diarrhea can be troublesome, but it turns out that the disease can be used as a seduction for your crush. For example, the quote above. Tell him that you can no longer hold back the longing.

2. Make Miss

Japan makes robots. Russia builds nuclear. You make me miss.

Japan is a technology country that likes to develop robots. As time goes by, experts in the country make robots that resemble humans named Humanoid. Unlike Japan, Russia is known as a country that often makes nuclear weapons.

Regardless of the strengths of each country, don’t forget that you also have someone who can always make you miss. Convey this sweet thing through funny crap words that will make this guy laugh.

3. Can you miss it?

Tonight I miss you, can you?

Missing your crush is a natural thing. However, expressing it with the words I miss you, I miss you, or I miss you, has become commonplace. Moreover, your status is still just a crush.

Therefore, to make it more special and interesting, express your longing through these funny rant words. It is as if you are maintaining politeness by asking permission first for the longing that is planted. Hopefully, you are allowed to miss him, huh!

4. So Many

My love for you is rich in debt from loan sharks. Initially a little, over time they became a lot of their own.

No matter how big the financial problem is going on, don’t borrow money from moneylenders. Even though the borrowing process is fairly easy, the interest given is very high. If you don’t pay it immediately, your debt will increase.

The concept of borrowing money from moneylenders can apparently be used as funny tweets that will make you feel bored and not crush you. Let him know that your feelings increase over time like you owe moneylenders.

Funny Crap Words Makes Bad for Boyfriends


1. Always There

Do you choose pesticides, cyanide, or me which is always there?

Even though it looks like it gives an option, it’s actually a compulsion. Just imagine, if you were asked to choose between pesticides, cyanide, or him. Most likely you will choose the safest, namely him.

If you find this quote funny, feel free to send it to him. It is guaranteed that these funny rant words will make your boyfriend laugh out loud. Hope it doesn’t choose cyanide or pesticides, huh!

2. Housekeeping

Your smile seems to invite marriage.

Are you sure about your boyfriend and want to take it to a more serious level? If so, have you expressed that wish to him? If you are sure and ready, immediately express your feelings.

If you have trouble composing words, you can make the death rag quote above as one of the references. Express that you really admire him and want to move on to marriage. Hopefully accepted, yes!

3. Never on holiday

Red date even if I don’t have a day off to think about you.

Are you currently in a long-distance relationship? Because of your deep longing, you can’t stop thinking about it. Whether it’s when you’re at work, coming home from work, or on holiday, thinking about him is never inevitable.

For those of you who have experienced the same thing, these crap words for a distant boyfriend can be sent to him. Tell him, if thinking about it has become your habit.

4. Good son-in-law

I love my mother. My job is to reward her a good daughter-in-law. You. Zarry Hendrik

Almost every parent wants a mature child, established, and single to quickly find a mate and get married. If it turns out that you already have a partner, what are you waiting for?

After all, getting married to the right person can be a way to make your parents happy, right? For that, if you are sure that you are married, these funny, funny words may represent your feelings. Not only that, but this quote is also suitable as a caption on your Instagram.

5. Ribs

I want to exchange bones with you. I will be your backbone, you will be my rib.

If you are mentally ready and established and have a partner, the next thing you will do is probably crossing the household ark. So, are you ready to propose to a partner?

If you want to propose to him in a romantic but funny way, the above quote might justify your social media status. Don’t forget to tag his account name, OK! Guaranteed he would blush when he read it.

Funny and Romantic Crap Words Make You Laugh


1. Fall into Your Heart

As smart as I jump, it finally falls into your heart.

If the squirrel jumped cleverly, it would fall too. You may be familiar with a proverb that means everyone has made mistakes, aka nothing is perfect.

By changing a few words, these proverbs can turn out to be funny romantic words for your sweetheart. For example, just the quote above, that you will always fall in his heart.

2. Not Changed

My love for you was like Power Rangers when there were no monsters. It doesn’t change.

When you were a child, you might often watch the superhero series entitled Power Rangers which was played on television channels. When monsters attack, they can turn into superheroes who are very strong and powerful.

However, when there are no monsters or other crimes, they will remain human or they will not change. Likewise with your love for him, will never change. It is not like that? If you agree, say the above quote to your loved one.

3. Like butter

When beside you, I’m like butter that falls on a hot pan. Melted instantly.

When you are around someone you like, you may feel awkward and confused about what to do. Especially if he turns out to have the same feelings, you must be very happy.

Presumably, that is what is illustrated in the above quote. If you dare, you can send it via short message or WhatsApp to him. Or, you can also make it a status on social media, maybe he feels teased.

4. Running Competition

I am willing to run a race around the world. As long as you are the finish line.

For people who don’t like sports, running competitions will feel difficult. Never mind running competitions, jogging in the morning feels very heavy. Are you also a person who is lazy to exercise?

If so, it looks like you can send the quote above to your loved one. Even if it sounds a little ridiculous, trust me this funny rant will make your boyfriend laugh and blush.

5. Ready to be a backrest

I haven’t been able to afford a car to take you out for a walk. I only have shoulders that are always there for you to lean on.

Even though you are still just a girlfriend, you certainly want to always pamper and make your partner happy, right? For example, asking for trips, vacations, shopping, and others. But alas, sometimes this desire is blocked by the costs that must be incurred.

Even so, you have shoulders that will always be ready to rest on. Even though it’s only a shoulder, it won’t be a problem, because the most important thing is your sincerity. Flirt with your sweetheart with funny words that will make your boyfriend laugh above to show your sincerity.

Funny Crap Words Make You Lonely


1. There are real angels

May I not have your photo? I want to show my friends that an angel is real.

Sometimes girls can suddenly get angry for little reasons. In fact, when he just misses, he can get angry in a vague manner. If that’s the case, like a good boyfriend, you have to be clever at dealing with his anger.

There are many ways to improve a girl’s atmosphere, you can give her sweet foods, such as chocolate or ice cream. However, if you are broke because of the end of the month and have not paid yet, you can give him sweet flirting. Through these funny rags, it is guaranteed to make your boyfriend smile again.

2. Unable

If asked to forget about you, I will go to the urban village first. Ask for a letter of incapacity.

In a love relationship, problems are something that cannot be avoided. When problems come in a row, it is usually easier for women to say their broken words.

If you really love him, when he asks to break up, it would be better if you try to calm him down. Who knows, his words were just bluff. Maybe, giving a deadly seduction in the form of funny crap words above could be a bit of a melting pot.

3. The intoxicating smile

What percentage of alcohol does your smile contain? How intoxicating?

Who doesn’t know alcohol or alcohol? The more alcohol content is contained in a drink, the more intoxicating it will be.

However, what about a hangover? It seems you need to ask your idol if he contains alcohol because his smile can make you intoxicated. Even though it sounds cheesy, it’s guaranteed to make him laugh.

4. Lifetime

I know we’re not the same age, but I want to live with you.

Dating someone of a different age is very common. Even though the age gap is quite large, such as 5 to maybe 10 years, it doesn’t matter. As long as you can understand each other, it looks like all the problems that occur can definitely be resolved wisely.

Because, the most important thing is not how old you and he is, but how strong the desire to live together. Agree with that? Send the above funny rant words to your lover.

5. Will not give a jacket

If it rains, I won’t give you a jacket. Because if I’m sick, who will take care of you? Dilan 1991

Who doesn’t know a film called Dilan 1991? Even though you have never watched it, you must have seen media in cyberspace reporting about this romantic genre film. Besides having a slick love story, Dilan’s character, played by Iqbal Ramadhan, often makes seductions for Milea.

No wonder Dilan’s rag words are sought after by young people. One that you might be able to make seduction for your partner is the quote above. Simple and romantic, right?

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Which Quote Do You Like Most?

These are some examples of funny rant words that can make your heart crush your crush. Have you decided which quotes to convey to him? Hopefully, there are some quotes that you like and are suitable to be sent for him, yes!

Anyway, don’t hesitate to express your heart’s content to your partner. Because it can sweeten your relationship. Sometimes sending flirting is fine, because sometimes your partner also needs entertainment, right?

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