Motivational Words of Islam for Heart Soothing

20 Motivational Words of Islam for Heart Soothing. Temptation is one of Allah’s ways to raise the rank of his servant. Even though there are verses that say that Allah will not give a trial beyond that person’s ability, many initially feel hopeless. If you are among them, try to contemplate the words of Islamic motivation here to calm down and return to enthusiasm.

Feeling depressed is a normal thing when faced with a problem. Unfortunately, many people forget that problems in life come from Allah SWT and stay sad for too long. Contemplating Islamic motivational words may make the mind calmer and get excited again.

In this article, there are various sentences that are suitable to describe various situations of life’s problems. Starting from matters of romance, family, work, to problems of worshiping Allah SWT.

Read carefully to these Islamic motivational words to help you relax. Also, understand the meaning so that you don’t get it wrong if you want to apply it to your life.

Short Islamic Motivational Words of Wisdom

Motivational Words of Islam for Heart Soothing
Motivational Words of Islam for Heart Soothing


1. Purpose the Heart is Made

Hearts are made only to help remind you of Allah. Ibn Taymiyah

When they are in trouble, people can feel stressed because of too many thoughts. Because of the stress, sometimes people forget to complain and ask Allah for help.

According to these words of Islamic motivation from Ibn Taymiyah, it is your heart that has the duty to remind you when that happens. Therefore, keep in mind yourself to always be close to Allah and complain to him if you encounter difficulties.

2. Don’t Waste Time

The dying person prays for extra time. Meanwhile, people who live healthy are busy wasting their time. Ali ibn Abi Talib

These Islamic words are a whip for those of you who like to be lazy. Lazy is not only in terms of worship, but also work, study, or community life.

For Sayyidinah Ali, wasting time is a bad habit that will harm you. Because no one knows when you will die. If at any time death picks you up, are you sure you’re ready to go? Want to leave the world full of regrets?

3. Life Is Not Perfect

So what if life isn’t perfect? This isn’t heaven, after all. Nouman Ali Khan

As long as humans live, there will always be problems for them. Whether from within or others, heavy or light, and complicated or easy. The levels vary depending on the person’s abilities.

Tired of life with many problems? Naturally, but don’t curse your own life. According to these Islamic motivational words, it is natural for you to find trials. If you don’t want any more trials, go to heaven.

4. Mind Your Own

Our worst mistake is to be overly curious about other people’s flaws. Ali ibn Abi Talib

There is a proverb that says, “The elephant in the lids cannot be seen, but the ant in the middle of the ocean is visible.” The meaning is that one’s own fault is not visible, but a little bit of the ugliness of others will be seen. This one quote describes the badness of such a person.

These Islamic words are a motivation to fix yourself into a better person. Because you are not necessarily better. In fact, if you are too concerned about the shortcomings or business of other people, you are doing very badly.

5. Try Hard in Life

What is Jihad? Jihad is not what the media shows. Jihad is trying hard and fighting. anonymous

Jihad is portrayed by the media as Muslims waging war and terror in the name of their religion. They are reported as an organization and group that is violent and does not care about the number of casualties. Make a lot of people who experience Islamophobia.

In fact, jihad itself is a word in Islam that motivates Muslims to live, which means trying hard. The effort in question is in terms of upholding the religion of Islam. Not only with war, but also with preaching, community service, or simply prospering the mosque.

Islamic Pearls of Life


1. Expand to be grateful

The characteristic of human negligence is that they often complain when being tested and rarely give thanks when they get favors. anonymous

Do you feel that you have become a servant who is grateful enough to Allah? If not, try to contemplate these Islamic words. Maybe it can give you the motivation to accept and be grateful for what you already have.

Humans are creatures that are never satisfied, there are always desires that arise after one thing is fulfilled. The desire to have more is not a bad thing, as long as giving thanks and not forgetting where the blessings came from.

2. Let God Improve Your Life

When you improve your relationship with God, that’s when God improves your life. Dr. Bilal Philips

Islamic wise quotes from Dr. This bilal provides motivation for you to worship diligently. Especially if you feel like your life is too hard to live with because of the demands. Whether it’s from work, household, or social environment.

Just think of it like a boss or client at work. If you work well and are able to get along with your boss, it is only natural that promotion will run smoothly. Relationship with God is done through worship and prayer, so be diligent in worship.

3. Which Life Did You Mortgage?

Mortgage this life for the next life and you will have both. Sell ​​life later for this life and you will lose both. Hasan Al-Basri

In the words of Islamic motivation above, this life means the world you live in now. Meanwhile, later life means the afterlife. To be able to live comfortably in the hereafter, you must enter heaven, the only way is by worship.

So, the point of this quote is that if you are too obsessed with getting riches in the world and leaving worship, then your life in the world will be uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you are diligent in worshiping, God willing, you will enter heaven and live in a world that is fulfilled by Allah.

4. The Danger of Greediness

The richest people in life are those who are not drowned out by greed. Ali ibn Abi Talib

Want to be rich? If so, according to these words of Islamic motivation from Ali ibn Abi Talib, you must avoid being greedy or greedy. Because this trait is a form of ungratefulness with the blessings of Allah SWT.

In contrast to the idea of having something, greedy people are usually excessive in wanting something. For example, if you want to eat martabak, ordinary people only need to eat three pieces, but greedy people want to eat them all. Then after eating too much he has a stomachache, in other words drowning in greed.

5. God’s Temptations Are Always There

Prophet Muhammad SAW once said, ‘There will come a time when holding on to your religion will feel like holding coals of fire’. HR. Tirmidhi

Since earlier you have seen many Islamic motivational words that call for diligent worship. Then, can a person who is pious and virtuous be free from life’s problems? The answer is no, people who are diligent in worship are also subject to trials by God.

The verse describes that there will be a time when people will begin to leave their religion. People no longer complain to Allah when they feel difficulties. By meditating on this verse, hopefully, you can always endure trials and be close to Allah.

Islamic Words of Wisdom for Women

Motivational Words of Islam for Heart Soothing
Motivational Words of Islam for Heart Soothing


1. Good people are beautiful people

It doesn’t matter what your physical form is. When you do good and have a sincere heart, you are the prettiest person. Mufti Ismail Menk

Do you often feel inferior because you are less beautiful than your friends? Feeling that you don’t have a good body and don’t dare to appear in public? If so, stop being insecure and take into account the motivational words of this Islamic scientist from Zimbabwe.

Mufti Menk believes in inner beauty, which means that beauty comes from good qualities. Not from the face, body shape, make-up, clothes, or accessories that are worn. Because, when you are friendly and confident, people will not care about your physical badness, but the good deeds to others.

2. Best Jewelry

Simplicity is a woman’s best jewelry. Fatimah az-Zahra

Still about beauty, women, and jewelry are two very close things. Bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces, are often used to support one’s beauty. These Islamic motivational words make it clear that these are not the prettiest accessories.

There is a term less is more in the fashion world. The youngest daughter of the Prophet seems to have similar thoughts. Simple is not only a matter of the number of accessories used but also nature, not excessive and according to needs. When you have appeared and acted what it is, then you become the most beautiful woman.

3. Wait for the Right Person

The man who led you to Allah, not to sin, is always worth waiting for. anonymous

There is a saying that a girl will fall in love with a bad boy. These Islamic words will motivate you to do the opposite. Men who are a bad influence should be avoided for the sake of good.

Indeed, bad boys or bad guys have their own charm for some women. But for devout Muslim women, love for Allah must always come first. Allah does not like sinning.

4. A Woman’s Rights

Women are not clothes that you can wear and take off at will. They are honorable and have their rights. Umar bin Khattab

Islam places women as creatures that are very respectable and must be respected. Therefore, there are many rules in the Koran that aim to protect them.

Caliph Umar bin Khattab emphasized the importance of the rights and honor of a woman. If you feel that you are often mistreated by your partner, try reading the sentence above. Make these Islamic words the motivation to strive for equal treatment.

5. Women Accompany

There is no woman behind a great man. The woman is beside him. He was with her, not behind her. Tariq Ramadan

According to Tariq Ramadan, a woman from a successful man is not only a follower or supporter. Both men and women who want to be successful must walk side by side, as equal partners.

These words of contemporary Islamic experts can be successful motivations for women. Don’t just be understanding and follow your partner’s ideals. Have your own goals and strive for success.

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Islamic Aphorisms about Love

Motivational Words of Islam for Heart Soothing
Motivational Words of Islam for Heart Soothing


1. Make Everything Halve

Halal is not just a matter of what we eat. But also what we wear and care about. anonymous

In Islam, everything is regulated as halal and haram. Halal itself means allowed while haram means prohibited. In food packaging, this rule is usually marked by the presence of a label from the MUI.

Unfortunately, rarely do people realize that halal and haram are not just a matter of food. Everything in life has rules, including love. These words give you the motivation to immediately legalize a partner according to Islam.

2. The Meaning of True Love

True love is when you expect Allah to love the person you love. anonymous

For Muslims, love for Allah is the main thing. So love affair and love a legitimate partner is done to get blessings from Allah. Unfortunately, many people who are too obsessed with their partner, forget their God.

These Islamic words can motivate you to love in the right way. You do this by praying and hoping Allah will bless your relationship with your lover.

3. Blessings of a Broken Heart

When your heart breaks, that’s good. With a broken heart, it will be easier for God’s light to enter. Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

Breakups and heartbreaks are tragedies. It’s so bad, it’s not uncommon for people to experience trauma because of it. Indeed, more people are finally able to move on from these bitter memories. But to be able to move on, the process is not easy.

These words from Sheikh Hamza Yusuf gave the motivation to move on by praying. According to him, when people are sad, it is easier for people to accept the fact that they are just helpless creatures. Because of that, he asked Allah for help to heal his broken heart.

4. My love is because of your religion

I love you because of your religion. If you lose the religion in yourself, then my love for you will be lost. Imam Nawawi

Prophet Muhammad SAW taught that there are four criteria for finding a partner. Among these four things, the most important factor and must take precedence is religion. Only then think about other factors such as physical, family, and social status.

These Islamic words can motivate you and your partner to continue to worship obediently. Make it clear to him that you love him for Allah and will not hesitate to leave him if he neglects to worship.

5. Allah knows best

Maybe you hate something even though he is very good to you, maybe you like something even though he is very bad for you. Allah knows you don’t know. QS Al-Baqarah 216

This verse from Al-Baqarah can be a motivation for those of you who are sad because of love. Indeed, heartbreak is not a pleasant experience, but don’t condemn the fate and destiny of Allah.

Because Allah knows best what is good for you. It’s better to put my trust in and slowly let go of your lover while praying to be closer to your soul mate. Surely the right mate for you according to Allah.

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Obey Worship When You Experience Problems

Those are some motivational words of Islam for heart soothing that might give you motivation when you are upset. Hopefully, after reading it, you will become more obedient to worship and pray to Allah when you have problems.

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