Islamic Words of Wisdom in Brief

Short Islamic Words of Wisdom That Have a Positive Impact on Life. This article contains a collection of short and inspiring Islamic quotes of wisdom. By reading it, you will get enlightenment and the lesson that no matter how difficult life is to be grateful for.

Sometimes, words can influence a person, both in positive and negative ways. However, you don’t need to worry because this article contains short Islamic wisdom quotes that might actually have a positive impact on your life.

No need to mince words anymore, just take a look at the full explanation of the short Islamic wisdom quotes that we describe below. Happy reading!

Islamic Words of Wisdom in Brief about Life

Short Islamic Words of Wisdom That Have a Positive Impact on Life.
Short Islamic Words of Wisdom That Have a Positive Impact on Life.


1. Tongue and Heart

Don’t ever think that dying by shahada will be easy. The tongue speaks what is in the heart. Reflect! Anonymous

No one knows how his life will end later. However, every Muslim certainly hopes to die in a husnul khotimah state, one of which is marked by the opportunity to say the sentence of the shahada at death’s door.

However, perhaps saying creed while dying is not as easy as we imagine. According to the quote above, the creed can be easily pronounced if we believe in Allah and believe in His greatness throughout life.

2. About the Daily Practice

Whoever today (his charity) is better than yesterday, it means he is a lucky person. Whoever is the same today as yesterday, is one of the losers. And whoever practices worse today than yesterday, means he is cursed. Prophet Muhammad SAW

Ponder the short Islamic wisdom quotes from the Prophet in the above quote. Through that expression, the Apostle advised that as humans, we should continue to improve ourselves and add to our practice every day.

Our practice today should be better than yesterday, and tomorrow must be better than today. If what happens is the opposite, practice is getting less or worse than yesterday’s days, then we ourselves will be the losers.

3. Better to be grateful

When things are too difficult to deal with, it’s better to remember and count how many blessings you have received. Anonymous

When being tested with a tough problem, you don’t need to feel bad. Instead of lamenting or cursing, try to be more grateful for what you have than to focus on problems.

Presumably, that’s the meaning behind the short Islamic words of wisdom in the above quote. If you are grateful for the blessings there are, God will increase His blessings for you.

4. Count Your Own Charity

Analyze yourselves before you are judged (on the Day of Judgment). Umar bin Khattab

Umar bin Khattab was one of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad as well as the most respected caliph of his time. For that, there is nothing wrong if you imitate the caliph who was once nicknamed the Lion of the Desert.

That, Umar bin Khattab suggested that someone count the practices that have been done in the world. It doesn’t mean to riya, but so that we realize that every action has a reckoning.

5. Someone who is Losing

People who are overly jealous will try to threaten and hurt others. However, in the end they only hurt themselves. Anonymous

The next short Islamic words of wisdom talk about someone who can lose because of jealousy. This is because usually, someone who harbored jealousy might think about bringing others down.

In fact, such an attitude would not benefit him. On the contrary, it is precisely his treatment of the person who has been dropped that can have a bad impact and bring harm to himself.

Islamic Aphorisms that are Soothing to the Heart

Short Islamic Words of Wisdom That Have a Positive Impact on Life.
Short Islamic Words of Wisdom That Have a Positive Impact on Life.


1. Rewards for Good Treatment

When you treat people well, they may not treat you the same way. However, if you pay attention, you will know that Allah has sent other people to treat you in a better way. Omar Suleiman

Every good deed has a reward. Although good deeds you do for someone do not always get the same reward from the same person.

Your kindness will be reciprocated through the intermediary of other people. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with continuing to do good to anyone. In the end, you will reap the rewards yourself.

2. Stop Insulting Others

Insulting other people is not the way to correct them. On the contrary, it will do damage and prove that we ourselves are in need of help. Mufti Ismail Menk

Brief and soothing, the Islamic wisdom quotes from Mufti Ismail Menk above are also important to ponder. That said, correcting someone else’s mistakes by insulting or sneering is not the right way to make him realize.

Precisely with such an attitude, perhaps it is not other people you need to correct, but yourself. Even if you want to give someone good advice, do so by showing them commendable treatment.

3. Shame There is a Time

If you sin in public, don’t be ashamed to show your faith. Anonymous

Presumably, some people are ashamed to show their identity as Muslims. Are you? If so, from now on try to be more open. After all, there is nothing wrong with being a Muslim.

You should feel more embarrassed when caught in public sinning. Because the sins you commit in public will not only have an impact on yourself but can also harm others.

4. Jihad Against Lust

The greatest jihad is fighting yourself, fighting the devil within you. Prophet Muhammad SAW

Jihad does not always mean fighting against terrorists or all the injustices that occur in the world. The Prophet alone has advised that the greatest jihad is not to fight against them all but to defeat our own passions.

For that, if you want to make jihad, there is no need to go far. Just take a closer look at yourself. If you still think about doing bad things, fight those desires and fight your passions.

5. Unjust Man

In fact, Allah has not wronged humans at all, but it is people who do wrong against themselves. Surah Yunus: 44

In Surah Yunus verse 44, there is an expression that describes wrongdoing. That every human being has the potential to do wrong against himself.

However, people often blame others, even fate, for what they have experienced. In fact, God never allows injustice to happen in a person’s life if it is not caused by his own actions.

Brief Islamic Words of Wisdom on Inter-Peer Relations


1. Improve Your Relationship With God

Allah has written the names of your spouses for you. All you need to do is improve your relationship with Allah. Anonymous

Islamic wisdom words then talk briefly about human relationships with others, one of which is about a mate. If you are currently waiting for your mate, you don’t need to worry because God has already prepared it.

You just have to wait for it while continuing to improve. Improve the quality of yourself until God feels you are worthy enough to receive the companion He has appointed.

2. Love Muslim Fellow

If Allah grants you love from fellow Muslims, stick to it. Umar bin Khattab

You may have heard that love is universal. In fact, love may exist between brotherly relationships that exist between fellow Muslims.

Therefore, if you are surrounded by brothers and sisters in the faith full of love and affection, be grateful. Keep them by your side. Later, they will always remind you of kindness and help you correct mistakes.

3. The Nature of Solitude

The beauty behind solitude is that you know that in order to survive, humans need no one but Allah. Anonymous

Implicitly, the above quotation discusses the human need for someone who can continue to be there. Sometimes, it makes humans unaware that they are never alone.

There is a God who never goes anywhere. Sometimes, people just start to realize that they have everything when they are alone and are lonely.

4. Reasons for Someone’s Presence

God presents people in our lives for one reason, and lets them go out of your life for another, better reason. Anonymous

In life, there will always be people who come and go. Their presence and absence in our lives certainly have a reason and a purpose.

Therefore, try to understand the reasons behind the presence of someone in your life. Believe also that his departure might be good for your life.

5. Blessings of Heartache

Sometimes, hurt feelings are a blessing from Allah. It is His way of making you realize that He has saved you from the wrong people. Get on with your life. Issam Bayan

Hurt after leaving people you love and trust? You know, sometimes the hurt you feel is a blessing from God.

We never know when God saves us from the wrong person. Even though it is a painful way, one day you will be grateful for it.

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Islamic Pearls of Wisdom that are Brief and Inspiring

That was a collection of short Islamic words of wisdom in brief that you might need. Hopefully, the quotes above can inspire you to live a better life from day today.

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