Why a man does not always reply to messages or has stopped doing so?

Why a man does not always reply to messages or has stopped doing so? All problems have one beginning – the woman was sitting bored. You may sometimes notice that you may be overly poised or overly trainer.

Of course, you want to always be in touch with your object of interest and chat about nothing. No one wants this. Sometimes a person just doesn’t have time. Or maybe there is a deeper reason?

TOP 10 reasons for male silence

So, the most likely reasons why a man did not answer you right away.

  • He’s just busy.

Three minutes are in the area, no two minutes are enough, is that 5 minutes in the morning? Everything? This is the end? Is there no more love?

Men really “love” when a woman comes up with problems out of thin air.

But if you know that he went to work for money for both of you, and also kissed you sleepy before leaving, then it’s time to leave behind your beloved.

Perhaps on logged into the messenger for a couple of minutes and was immediately distracted. All the same, he should work, and not be distracted by the phone. Be sure to answer when he finds time;

  • I literally forgot.

He may be so overwhelmed with current affairs that he forgot to reply to your message. And he doesn’t call because the call was at some kind of meeting, and this one just fixed umber.

Then he remembered, but realizing that he would receive from you anyway, he decided to postpone the execution for a more convenient time. I forgot To it, it is on, but then I just didn’t want to.

This is just to accept and accept. And, perhaps, to reconsider their behavior;

Perhaps a large number of messages and does not bother at the initial stage of the relationship. No, if a person is busy, then communication will be unproductive, and you will only annoy. At the same time, a man may begin to feel guilty that he is not attentive enough to you.

Why doesn’t a man write or call?

For a man to accurately respond to your messages, then do not write them a million pieces a day. Write a few and wait. Let him not relax, thinking that you are all his. He should seek your attention, and not vice versa.

No need to write sheets. Men are not fans of letters. Better write to him what you have, what to tell and ask when you meet. Use less emoji. One heart per message is good, but when your messages are overloaded, a loved one can have a good eyeball.

And don’t forget to emotionally link your message to a man. For example, if you learned something interesting, mention that you immediately thought of it;

  • Out of range.

Don’t worry, break the phone. Or you bombarded him with messages and calls so much that he just turned it off. See if he went anywhere anytime soon?

Adequate relationships are possible only between equally adequate people. Understand that by making a man the center of your Universe, you will not receive a normal attitude towards yourself;

And this is already a failure. No price in real. When a wife or a girlfriend is nearby, he, of course, will not answer you. And if you notice that the ignore occurs at a certain time, then this is a clear sign that he has someone.

How to act in such a situation is up to you. You can stop wasting your precious time on him and start looking for a normal one. To make it happen, to the extent that it is possible to do so, it is necessary to pass it.

He will continue to meet all the holidays with his loved ones, and he will spend time with you only when it is convenient for him;

  • He wants to bind you.

He plays hot and cold. A man does not completely disappear, but sometimes he is tormented by ignorance. Today he does not answer your calls, and tomorrow he will appear as if nothing had happened.

Get off those swings. On the other hand, the manual is connected to the telephone and the telephone. No, you must control the washing of other people. You will fall in love even more, and he will not strain at all;

As long as it is possible to pronounce on it. He can do this not with the aim of offending you, but so that you can be convinced in your own skin that sometimes they are dynamized, sometimes they are dynamized.

Perhaps he even once stuttered that this order of things did not suit him, but you are pro-evalarir. Therefore, on and decided to take extreme measures;

  • Did you have an argument.

“I didn’t finish” is definitely not what a man wants to read or hear from his woman. Perhaps you suffered so hard that your missus wants to hide from the hurricane. Therefore, the tactics of ignoring in this situation seemed to him more reasonable.

If he continues to do this, then he just gave you both time to cool down, and eliminated the risk of telling each other a bastard. It is very easy to do this in the heat of the moment, and then it will be insulting, disgusting, and ashamed.

No call him after a fight and don’t text him. Can’t resist? Hide your phone. If a man does not answer, then he gives you time to sit and think. Exhale, digest everything, get distracted by other things, and then you can continue the conversation. When you calm down, it will become easier to negotiate;

  • You wrote unnecessary nonsense.

Sometimes you want to get along with your man like a girlfriend. No one is going to try it, it’s time to hear it. Let’s say he knows your girlfriend Nastya and roughly understands what’s going on in her life. He knows through your efforts, of course.

But why does he need absolutely all the details if he is simply not interested?

Men can forget what their ladies tell them. No pot, that’s not enough. Because it’s just not interesting. The information is completely redundant. And when you run to him with fresh gossip about Nastya, he may not even remember where you left off.

If your lover did not answer you a message with such unimportant information, it means that this is not for him. Not enough information, and not one. Did you feel better when you shared another shock content? Wonderful. But he simply has nothing to answer;

Men are less emotional than women. And instead of listening to tantrums, threats and looking at tears, they choose to end the relationship precisely to end the relationship, to end the ignoramus. Such specimens do not deserve you.

He just got scared and is no longer worthy of your attention or your frustrations. Therefore, higher nose. Discuss with your girlfriends how ugly he is and drink some wine. Normally, it’s in two words.

But if a man just asked you to take a break for a couple of days, you can give him this opportunity. He is also not a robot, just to work, eat and sleep. A pause is not always the end. Often it is a new beginning.

Therefore, do not rush to wind yourself ahead of time. The more you wind up, the more likely it is to write even more messages and finally get it.

If you feel an irresistible desire to exchange messages constantly, talk to your partner. Explain your condition and your feelings. Together you will definitely find the best solution.

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