How to Make a Guy fall in Love with you on Facebook?

How to Make a Guy fall in Love with you on Facebook?

How to make a man fall in love and conquer on Facebook? or How to Make a Guy fall in Love with you on Facebook? Before the internet existed, there was only one way for someone to look at another person, and this was going to the same places or for example staying in the same group of friends, but all this has changed thanks to new technologies. In them, you can meet your new ideal man without leaving home. Every day there are thousands of people who meet on the internet, and who started their relationship on contact pages, or even on social networks.

How to seduce a man on Facebook: step by step

If you want to know some tips on how to make a man fall in love on Facebook, we recommend that you continue reading this article in which we will give you clear and easy instructions so that he falls into your arms. To be honest, writing this article has been a bit difficult for me so much of the advice I got from the many online websites, With that said, here we go!

How to make a Guy fall in Love with you on Facebook?
How to Make a Guy fall in Love with you on Facebook?

Step 1: Get to know it

To start conquering that person that you like so much, the main thing will be that you know him thoroughly. Nowadays meeting a person is quite easy even if you do not have a fluent conversation with him, or even if you have never spoken before.

The wall on which that man writes daily on his Facebook will reveal almost everything you want to know, in addition to the likes he has. Many people do this to get organized or simply to keep up with their series, their favorite artists, or even to stay informed of the news. All this data that Facebook reveals to us may give us a small profile of the type of person who is.

Step 2: Your friends can be your friends

There is a very famous saying that tells us that the world is a handkerchief, and Facebook corroborates it. To know how to conquer a man on Facebook, you should see if you have any common contact in your list of friends. Sometimes we can even be surprised that someone can meet another person, and they may even be great friends, so it is an advantage to take into account to achieve your goal.

If that person that you have in common is close to you, and you have contact, it would be ideal for you to talk with her and start little by little to bring up the subject of the man in question to continue knowing more about him and especially, if he is single or if is interested in someone else.

Meeting mutual friends is another important point, since we could skip many steps by getting that person to meet up for a drink and be a kind of Celestina.

Step 3: start the conquest

This step will be the beginning for that person to notice you and especially so that you can have a conversation with them and that everything works. When you see an image that you especially like uploading, or an interesting publication, give it a Like. It may seem silly, but he will know that you like those types of posts by sharing something with you. That is, when he says for example that he is looking forward to seeing the next chapter of The Walking Dead and you like it, you are telling him that you like that series, that you also expect that episode, and that you also possibly like the series and scary movies.

Step 4: Rationalize Likes

When we talked about the likes in the previous step, you should bear in mind that sometimes giving it a few times does not have an effect, but giving it a lot either. That is why it is advisable that you gradually give it without overloading it. That is, you can give one or two posts one day, and not give it the next day. Show that you follow their posts but not that you are chasing them

How to Make a Guy fall in Love with you on Facebook?

Step 5: Exchanging Likes

Sometimes when we follow the strategies of liking that person’s publications, what we call exchanges of likes or feedback can happen, something very important since it means that that person is also following us, sees our publications, and something more important, you like what we post.

Step 6: Comment and you will win

The next step is to leave a comment from time to time. This strategy is ideal for breaking the ice between one person and another, especially if you’ve never talked to them before. Comment on a photo in which you see a landscape and ask “Where is that place?” or something related to a piece of news that you have shared will possibly make that person respond to you, thus creating a small link that, even if you don’t know each other yet, will unite you a little more.

Step 7: the art of seduction

To know how to seduce a man on Facebook, you will not only need the previous steps, but you will also have to do something on your part to attract his attention. One of the ways that you can do so that that person begins to enter more in your profile and that is interested, is that you share photos of you that they may like in which that person can feel identified, since one of the ways to do pay more attention to you is making him see that you have almost the same tastes.

For this step, it will help you a lot to use steps 1 and 2, to know their likes on Facebook, and also for the possible friends that are common to both.

Step 8: Contact

After all these steps, comes one of the most important and decisive steps, talking in a private chat. When you have carried out all the previous steps, you have answered some other comment, you can try to talk to him and greet him through the Facebook chat, do not fear since having talked minimally through the comments on the wall, you will be able to follow these conversations in private and they will be much longer.

For example, going back to scary movies and series, if you know that there is a new scary movie at the cinema, you can ask him if he has seen it, or what he thinks. Possibly the conversation, if it has been fluid, will be repeated more often, either on your part or on his, forming a small friendship that if you keep working you can reach a relationship.

How to Make a Guy fall in Love with you on Facebook?

Practical tips to make a man fall in love with you on Facebook

To get to know how to make a man fall in love with you on Facebook, you need a lot of patience, since it is not a contact page where you know that those who are registered there go to find a partner or have a love affair. On Facebook, you can find people who simply like to make friends and others with whom you can have some kind of relationship.

When you get to the last point where you talk to your man, remember that you don’t have to wait for him to take the step to make a date. You propose to meet him for a coffee or go to the movies, if he accepts, it is possible that he will be quite interested.

Things you should not do under any circumstances when conquering a man on Facebook

Things not to do: How to Make a Guy fall in Love with you on Facebook? Making a small summary and collecting those things that you should not do, remember first not to harass the person with likes or comments. Remember that he has to be attracted to you, and not feel like a person is following or harassing him.

Sometimes you can jump into the pool and speak directly, but it is better not to force the situation and go calmly to lay a good foundation while you get to know each other. You may talk to that person in two days, feel strange and stop the friendship relationship.

Do not talk more than the account. That is to say, do not comment that you have seen this or that on their Facebook so as not to raise suspicions that you have been looking at their profile a lot, let the conversations go, even if you gradually guide them towards the path that you want them to take.

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