How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You?

If you wonder what is the best way to make a man fall in love, you have come to the right place, in this extensive article I will give you all the necessary tips, without further ado, let’s get started!

How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You?
How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You?

Details and tips to conquer a man or How to make a man fall in love with you?

Next, we will see some tips on How to make a man fall in love with you? very effectively.

Always have a good mood

Although it is not always easy to be in a good mood, try to be when you go to meet that man who is so special to you. Think that a negative person does not attract anyone, much less a man.

Try to be nice and friendly at all times. Happiness attracts in a special way, so if you feel that way, he will be much more attracted to you.

In this sense, I recommend the book  “Melt it with love”  by Noelia Sandoval, an expert in male psychology and couple relationships, with her book she has already helped hundreds of women to find a man who makes them feel special and loves them (including I, the author of this article and blog, thanks to this book I met the man of my life, Oliver).

Keep eye contact

One of the big mistakes we make when it comes to liking a guy is looking away. This will make you appear insecure, and insecurity is not a very attractive trait.

So don’t look away, even if you blush, and maintain eye contact whenever necessary. Also, if he is telling you an anecdote, he will want to see your reaction. If you look away it will seem that you are not interested.

Let him make his plans

Men, like women, need their alone time. Men fear that a serious relationship will take away their freedom and that they will no longer be able to go out with friends to watch football or have a drink.

That is why one of the best tips to know how to make a boy fall in love is precisely this, not to take away his freedom. Let him make his plans with his friends and have fun. And do not worry, it will not stop calling you, what’s more, it is possible that he will miss you even more.

Trust him

In a relationship, trust is essential. If you don’t trust a man, you won’t be able to have a healthy relationship, and he won’t like anything if you don’t trust him and don’t take his word for it.

That is why you have to show that you trust him and that you will never question his word. If he tells you he’s going to watch the basketball game with his friends, believe him and let him do it.

This will benefit your relationship a lot and, in addition, it will help you conquer it, since not only will he see you as a special friend, but he will think that with you he can have a true love relationship.

How to make a man fall in love with you?

They say confidence sucks, and it’s totally true. When we know a person for a long time, or when we have been in a relationship for several months, we have a tendency to stop getting ready. Which is a big mistake.

It is true that the image is not everything, but it is very important since this way you will show that you care about yourself and your physique. Keep in mind that he, surely, also goes groomed to appointments, so do the same and bring out the best in you.

Accept their way of being

Don’t try to change it as that will be a way to push it away. If you want to make a man fall in love, the first thing you have to do is accept him. Think that you liked it being the way it is, so why change it?

If you think that this man is the ideal partner for you, do not tell him to change and accept his way of being. What’s more, if you do this, he is likely to ask you for advice on how to dress or what hairstyle to do. You will earn their trust quickly.

Make him feel like he’s your protector

If there is something that men like is to feel that they protect a woman since that makes them appear more masculine. So a trick to know how to make a boy fall in love is that same, make him feel that he is your protector.

Bring out your most feminine side and show him how much he has helped you solve a problem you had. He will feel much better and will be attracted to you.

Look for common hobbies

If you are meeting a magnificent man and you want to conquer him, one of the steps you should follow is to look for common hobbies. It is not necessary that you do everything together, but it is advisable to have a similar point.

The important thing about relationships is that each one has their hobbies individually and his hobbies as a couple. This will conquer that man much more than other things.


If there is something that men like in general, it is for women to be feminine and flirt. That is why it is important that you show yourself flirtatious and that he feels important. Of course, do not be too exaggerated. It is much more advisable to be subtle and be confident and calm. There is nothing a man likes more than a confident woman.

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Be mysterious

Being mysterious is highly recommended when it comes to falling in love with a boy. To do this, avoid telling everything about yourself on first dates. This way he will stay with you to know more about you and will call you immediately. He won’t wait two days.

Keep in mind that when a man knows everything about a woman, he may cease to be interested. So show your most mysterious side and do not tell your life in detail. This will make him care much more about you.

Beware of jealousy

Jealousy does not help in a relationship, and even less in one that is just beginning. If you don’t have a serious relationship and you see him with another girl, don’t be jealous, just bring it up, but calmly, on the next date.

If he sees you calm in that situation, he will think that you are not a jealous woman and that you also trust him. Also, think that it could be a friend or her sister, so acting like a jealous woman won’t help you at all.

Unhealthy jealousy often ends relationships as it turns a beautiful relationship into something distressing. Don’t fall for it.

Have a little humor

Men are usually very funny and they love that a woman has a great sense of humor. That is why one of the keys to knowing how to make a man fall in love is to have a little humor.

We are not saying that you become a humorist in a comedy club, but we are saying that you laugh at their jokes and that, if possible, you are encouraged to tell some.

Humor brings people together, so think that jokes can unite you with that ideal man.

Listen carefully

Men also need to vent and be heard. Of course, they do not do it that often and much less with women. That is why it is important for him to know that he can always count on you and that you will listen to him carefully.

Feeling heard will make the trust between you more intense, so that friendship may become something more, just as you wish.

Be active and interesting

An active and interesting woman attracts much more attention than a girl without any interest. Tell him everything you like to do. It is possible that your tastes include his, so you will have more topics of conversation.

In addition, it is possible that he suggests you do one of those activities together, so you will have more opportunities to get to conquer him.

Be independent

Independence is a quality that is highly valued today, especially by men. Being an independent woman draws a lot of attention.

Think that men, as a general rule, have always been independent and that independence has ended when they have started a relationship. If that man who is so important to you sees that he will not have to give up his independence for you, he will be more interested.

He will greatly appreciate the fact that you know how to take care of yourself and that you do not need a man by your side. Of course, from time to time let him see that he has helped you in something and that he is your hero, since that will make him feel important.

Prepare a good dinner for him

One of the ways to win over a man is through the stomach. Although they prefer to have an independent and enterprising woman, they appreciate a home-cooked meal from time to time. That is why a good way to make a man fall in love is by making him a good dinner.

Ask him what his culinary tastes are and book yourself a romantic dinner at home. Put candles, some wine, and an exquisite menu. This will conquer both the man and his stomach.

Take the initiative

A woman with initiative always attracts attention. That is why one of the recommendations is to take the initiative and take the reins of the odd appointment.

To take the initiative it is important that you do not cut yourself and that you propose a plan, think that he will not always know what to do so, in addition, he will appreciate this initiative on your part.

It is also important that you bring up new conversation topics. In this way, he can also get to know you a little more and know about you (although he remembers to always keep you mysterious).

Be yourself

Being one is something that conquers all men. A woman who shows herself as she is gives the impression that she has nothing to hide and that she is totally transparent. Think that nobody is perfect and that the boy knows it.

He wants to know you, just as you are, not an image that is not real. So forget about pretending to be someone else and show yourself how you are in your day today. That will enchant you and it will drive you crazy as there is nothing more beautiful than naturalness.

Surprise him

Men also like surprises. Surprising is not only a man’s job, you, as a woman, should also surprise him from time to time, especially when you are getting to know each other.

Know well what activities he likes to do and plan one for a date. If you like the countryside, go to the mountains, if you like the beach, then to the beach. If you prefer cars, organize a go-kart competition, you will love the surprise!

Have more physical contact

Physical contact is essential in a relationship, especially when two people are meeting and falling in love. That is why one of the keys to knowing how to make a man fall in love is to have more physical contact.

By this, we do not mean that you are touching it all the time, far from it, but it is recommended that a caress or a touch of hands almost accidentally is recommended. These gestures create a very special bond and make him feel more attracted to you.

Of course, nothing to invade your personal space. A man could feel intimidated if a woman takes away that personal space that he cherishes so much. A clear example of this is sitting to one side instead of the front for dinner.

Call him, avoid texting

In general, it costs us more to call than to send a text message. That is why a good way to make a boy fall in love is by calling him on the phone. If you take that trouble, he will think that you really care, so he will be more interested in you.

You can call him to meet, to comment on something interesting that you have seen on the news, and even to simply say hello. He will love it and will be thinking of you all day after that call. Do not hesitate.

Ask him to advise you

Men also know how to give advice, plus they are tremendously flattered when a woman asks for advice. So if you have any doubts about whether to do something or not, ask that special guy for advice on what to do in your situation.

Keep in mind that they also like to feel important and relevant in the life of a woman, so this, in addition, will attract him more to you since he will feel that you trust him and that you can have something much more serious.

Congratulate all their achievements

If you’ve been talking and getting to know a guy for a while, you may know all his activities and all that he wants to accomplish. In addition, he will tell you what his next projects are and his goals to meet.

So don’t forget to congratulate all of his accomplishments and goals and encourage him to pursue his dreams. For him, it will be essential that such an important person encourages and supports him in these difficult moments.

Also, don’t forget to congratulate all achievements, even those that don’t seem so important to you. He will appreciate it very much and he will notice that you are attentive to him. This can cause him to get even closer to you and eventually ask you to be his formal partner.

Movie plan, sofa, blanket

Even though you think he’s only interested in dining out and having a few drinks, you’re wrong. Men also love plans at home, especially if it is with a special someone.

So propose the movie, sofa, and blanket plan so that you can continue to get to know him better. Keep in mind that there you will be alone at home, either yours or theirs, so you can talk about everything you want without thinking about whether they are listening to you. This type of plan brings people closer together, so don’t hesitate!

Use the mirror effect

They say that a man can fall in love with gestures, especially if they are gestures that he himself recognizes. That is why a flirting technique is the mirror effect. What does this mean? Well, make some gestures that you see in him. For example, if you see her stroking her hair, do it too.

If he sees you doing some gestures that he does naturally, he will find it curious and he will want to know you a lot more. So keep an eye on their movements and copy them as much as possible.

That it does not seem that you are too cold a woman

Although it can be difficult to be open and friendly on first dates, try to do so and not stay cold. If you strike him as a cold, non-conversational woman, he may not call you back.

Laugh, tell him a little about yourself and try to be nice and pleasant, which is the most important thing. Mind you, don’t be an overly enthusiastic woman either, or you may end up scaring him. Try to be as natural as possible.

Raise the tone of the conversation

If there is something that a man likes, it is for a woman to be sexually active. So take the first step, but not on the first date, be careful, and raise the tone of the conversation.

Of course, keep in mind that it is one thing to raise the tone of the conversation and another thing to be ordinary speaking. Be sexy and interesting all the time. You will see how the interest in you will rise a lot.

Send her sexy photos

If you usually talk a lot through messages, go ahead and send her a sexy photo. Of course, to do this you should already have a slightly longer relationship, nothing to do after the first date.

He will love to see you take the initiative on that topic and it will make him feel totally desired. What’s more, it is possible that you will receive another sexy photo as an answer, which is not bad at all, right?

Show a little shyness at first

Being shy attracts men a lot, but of course, only at first. If what they are looking for is a serious relationship, they will want a woman who, little by little, opens up and shows much more outgoing, so do the same, be shy at first, but not at the end.

The simple fact that you open up little by little will show him that you are interested in him and that he is gaining your trust.

Try to be communicative and determined

Despite the fact that men like to take the initiative and be the ones who decide, they also like women who say what they want and who do not hesitate to do so. Determined and confident women gain a lot of ground over indecisive women. So if you want to come up with a plan, come up with it, he will love it.

It is also important to know how to say no and this will be greatly appreciated. So if you don’t feel like a plan that he has proposed, don’t do it. Of course, always try to say it tactfully and not in a direct and unpleasant way.

Throw compliments

Men also like to hear compliments, so don’t forget to say a few compliments from time to time. Tell him how handsome he is or how elegant he has dressed for the occasion, he will love to know that you are interested and that you notice him!

Show your interest and be detailed

Having a detail with someone means that you think about that person and that you care about them. So if you are trying to woo a man, being a detail man with him is a good start.

Make him his favorite cake or gift him some cufflinks for work, so when he puts them on, he will remember you and send you a message.


Things you should not do if you want to make a boy fall in love with you

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Best Romantic WhatsApp Quotes and Status about Love

And, to complete this article(How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You?), I also point out some  steps that you should not follow under any circumstances, since they can be counterproductive and causing the man you like to lose interest in you:

Do not let him pay always

An old custom that bothers most men is the fact that they have to pay themselves. If you are an independent and confident woman, you should also pay for the drinks.

That is why we advise you not to always let him pay and to invite him. The best option in these cases is to pay once each, so you will be on equal terms and he will love it since he will see that if he decides to have a serious relationship with you, he will not have to pay you everything.

Do not talk about your ex-partners

If there is something that women do almost without wanting to, it is to talk about our ex-partners. Think that he is not really interested in those men you have been with and that he prefers to talk about you and him, especially if you put your ex-boyfriends together.

So avoid talking about your exes always. Of course, if he asks you something and you want to answer, you can do it, but do not go around the bush and start talking about your ex-partners all night.

Don’t give it all at once

Do you want to know how to seduce a real man? It is mysterious and leaves wanting more.  Obviously, giving everything you have at once is completely contrary to this objective.

If you continually give him everything you have,  he will be oversaturated with you, and he will lose any interest he may have. Therefore, go little by little and ration your time with him. May you always want more.

Don’t be transparent

The above serves, above all,  for your time.  That is, the time you spend with him should be rationed, so that he always wants more. However, you also have to do the same with yourself.

Thus, you cannot be transparent, because you will destroy all the mystery that there may be. You must always show yourself with some chiaroscuro that he has to discover over time.  You can hide something from yourself that you actually consider trivial, but that will make him curious, and that’s what’s important.

Don’t think he’s unique

No man (or woman) is unique, so don’t treat him as such. If one day, for example, you are with him and your group of friends appears where there are more boys, you can talk perfectly with the rest of the boys and even flirt a little.

This might seem counterproductive, but it is not at all. For him to see that his chances of being with you are in danger,  it will only make him have a greater interest in you and try to do better to seduce you, which is just what you are looking for.

Don’t forget your perfume

Perfume is a weapon of seduction since it identifies us. That is why it is always essential to wear perfume to a date, especially if it is the first. Also, keep in mind that the same perfume does not smell the same in two people, but it becomes something more personal.

Don’t be jealous ahead of time

Jealousy can be interesting to show a guy that you are interested, but if you show it too quickly, you will not do anything well. In this sense, if you see that he also flirts with some other girl, comment on it in a calm and humorous way. That will be more than enough for him to notice you again.

If you show jealousy or pressure him too much, what he will think is that a relationship with you will be even more distressing and claustrophobic, so you can reverse your advances.

Don’t harass him

Having a stalker is not a pleasant thing, so avoid being you. If you do, he will lose interest in you. So avoid calling him all the time or texting him every five minutes. It is better to send a message in the morning and another at night than to overwhelm with so many messages.

Think that if he sees these gestures in you, he will think that you are a possessive woman and that it will not be worth being with you in a serious way. To avoid calls and texts even if you’re dying to do it. Wait for him to send you a message.

Do not show up at their house without warning

If you have his address, you may think it is a good idea to show up at his house without warning. If you think that, the answer is no. A man does not like that a woman, even if he is meeting her, shows up at his house without warning.

You think you might be working, watching a movie, or enjoying your time alone. Or maybe he’s reunited with his friends or family and doesn’t want to officially introduce you yet.

So whenever you want to see him, don’t forget him, send him a message or give him a call. He will appreciate it.

Do not reply to messages immediately

If he texts you, don’t reply immediately, even if you’ve seen it. Make him see that you have been busy and that for this reason, you have not been able to serve him. This will show that you are not changing your routine for someone else, which is a good thing.

Also, do not reply immediately after an appointment. Make him believe that you are no longer interested. He thinks that we all want what we cannot have so, in this way, he will look for you more and talk to you at all hours.

Never pretend

Faking something will never be the solution, especially if you really want to have a serious relationship with that man. You simply have to look for those points that you have in common to have topics to talk about.

Think that if you tell him that you like soccer, he will want to go see the games with you. It’s not a good idea.

You don’t want to go too fast

Calm things work out much better, including relationships. That is why we advise you not to go too fast and to conquer that special boy little by little.

Also, think that if you rush that person, they may become overwhelmed and will not want to meet you again. Also, things slowly are more enjoyable. Seize the moment and stop thinking about the future!

Don’t be nosy

Men do not like it at all when a woman is gossipy, especially if she criticizes her friends. If you don’t like something, try to say it in the most correct way possible and avoid being ordinary as this will cause it to distance itself from you.

Keep in mind that it is one thing to be gossipy and another to discuss with him some aspects that you do not like. They may agree with you.

Do not spy on him

Spying is synonymous with mistrust, something that no man likes. It is true that it is always a little curious to know about his past or his ex-girlfriends, but spying is not the solution.

Men prefer that you ask them directly if you want to know something, but nothing to spy on social networks or on your mobile. What’s more, if he catches you with his mobile, for example, the relationship will be over before it starts.

Don’t take anything for granted

Do not believe that he has no interest in you, or believe that he has an excessive interest in you. Either way can end up hurting you. Simply let yourself go. You will see how, before you know it, he is trying to seduce you instead of you to him.

Don’t be available whenever he wants

One of the most common mistakes when making a man fall in love is that he thinks that you will always be available to him. Make your plans as usual and that your calendar revolves around them.

If he asks you for a date and you’ve already made a date, don’t cancel it because you’re with him. Tell him that you are meeting and that you cannot see him, but that you can meet another day. This way he will notice that you are interested but that you maintain your independent life. They love.

Also, think that if you do this he will ask you for an appointment earlier, which means that you will know if he is really interested in you or not.

Do not be rude or rude

The way you treat others is also an important point in conquering a man. So always keep the forms and do not be rude to others. Also, you also have to try not to be self-centered or pushy as this will drive him away.

I hope all these tips on How to make a man fall in love with you? and my story inspire you to get that man who makes you sigh. Lose your fear, follow all these tips and those in the book and you can do it, I assure you.


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